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As a wife, mom and mompreneur I still have date nights, folding laundry sessions where I catch up on my favorite shows (on season 3 of GoT now, whoot) dinners to make, bedtime routines, dog walks, making bracelets, taking marketing classes and just running crazy as is. I get up at 4am every morning just to have a few minutes of quiet time to me, but I found while that is great I need a pick me up later in the day too. My crazy schedule of go go go gives me very little time to myself in a day. You know what I bet you are like me and just as busy within your life, which is why I bring you my favorite 10 minute meditations. If I can find 10 minutes for me throughout the day, I know you can too. Don't forget to grab your essential oils so you can be present too. 
With love and wellness ~Jen
Gratitude Meditation
Purpose: Gratitude
Time: 9 minutes
Gratitude is a proven form of increasing happiness in your life, but we often focus too much on detailing what we are grateful for and not enough on the actual feeling of gratitude. This track will help you feel gratitude in a deeper level, instantly and appreciate those aspects of your life you may be taking for granted.
Mindfulness Meditation
Time: 10 minutes
Purpose: Mindfulness
Recorded in the soothing voice of Rick Clark, this is a powerful meditation to stay still and be mindful. It is all about observing your thoughts, controlling them and letting them go. It is amazing what you can accomplish just by observing your thoughts free of judgement, then letting them pass by, leaving you still and unmarked by negativity or worry.
Present Moment Meditation
Time: 10 Minutes
Purpose: Being Present
This is a great track if you are searching for less guidance and more space to breathe and sit still. Being more present is one of the great benefits of tracks that focus a lot on breathing and bringing thoughts back to the present.
Healing Meditation
Time: 11 Minutes
Purpose: Improving your health
This track has a goal to bring mindfulness and awareness to your health, by understanding that stress is a manifestation of us not getting what we need. It is a calming, nurturing piece helps you slow down your breath while breathing into parts of your body you want to heal.
Breath Sound Meditation
Time: 9 Minutes
Purpose: Being Mindfully Aware
Enjoy a relaxation exercise that will help you notice your body from within your body, while still remaining aware of your surroundings.
10 Minute Wisdom Meditation (under sitting meditations)
Time: 10 Minutes
Purpose: Wisdom
Much like other meditations, this focuses on being present and mindfully aware, while also relaxing. This specific track doesn’t have a background sound or music, so you can mix it with one of the tracks in our list below.
All The Time You Need Meditation
Time: 9 Minutes
Purpose: Being present
“I have all the time I need” — this powerful affirmation will help you become present and remind you that, whatever it is that is stressing you out, you will figure it out and you do have all the time you need.
Breathing Meditation
Time: 10 Minutes
Purpose: Being present in your breathing
This track is also a quiet one with no background music, and it focuses mostly on the rhythm of the breath and acknowledging the presence of thoughts and feelings, and gently breathing into that space.
Relaxing Meditation 
Time: 10 Minutes
Purpose: Relaxing in your inner stillness
The goal of relaxing meditation is to develop an attention and a presence in the now, using the breath as the object of focus.
Mindful Meditation 
Time: 9 Minutes
Purpose: Being mindful
Philosopher Sam Harris shares with us this wonderful mindful meditation, again focused on the breath and sensations of being present.
Sleep Meditation
Time: 10 Minutes
Purpose: Relaxation for better sleep
This is a great track if you are having trouble falling asleep at night. Combined with a binaural piece, it will help you quickly relax and enter a meditative state.
Wake Up
Time: 10 Minutes
Purpose: Starting the day
This track will help you kick start your day with amazing energy. This track was designed to help you envision your day and fulfill your potential, and it has a brainwave entertainment track that will help you awaken your brain and be alert.



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