Bellabeat Leaf Placement - Uncomplicated

Leaf placement

I get asked all the time of where to place the Leaf for various activities or I hear that it didn't track as accurately as a person would like, usually, this means their steps. Knowing where to best put your Leaf will help you get the fullest potential out of your Leaf. Also, let me say if you are simply looking for a pedometer then this might not be the best thing for you because it is SO much more than a pedometer. :)

Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty of where to place your Leaf. For sleeping, it is best to attach it to your clothing at night to get the proper recording of your breathing. Since we breathe differently in the various stages of sleep cycles. The only other preferred placement of the Leaf is when doing meditation or breathing exercises so that the app can help you learn to breathe better when doing these exercises. 

Below is a guideline, given by Bellabeat, for best placement of the Leaf during various activities. Hope this takes your love of the Leaf to new eye opening heights! 

xoxo, Jen

Bellabeat Leaf Placement - Uncomplicated


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