Care Instructions

Please review the care tips to maintain your piece's lasting beauty and distinction. 

Your two main priorities when storing your gold and silver are to avoid tarnishing/dulling and avoid scratching. To avoid tarnishing you will need to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. Store each piece of jewelry in a separate cotton or jewelry bag. The bag needs to be able to breathe, if the bag is air tight it may sweat which will cause tarnish. Good quality Jewelry bags are usually treated with chemicals that reduce tarnish. A good quality jewelry bag will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. The pieces should be stored individually if stored together the pieces will scratch each other. If available place a moisture absorbing product inside your jewelry box. Included in your purchase is a small black anti tarnish square you can use that in your bag.  

- Remember to keep it dry.
- Avoid showering or swimming with your jewelry
- Keep the piece away from moisture and chemicals such as perfume, sunscreen or lotions.
- Use the enclosed tarnish remover cloth to wipe down the piece after every wear.
- For the rose gold, remember this will naturally oxidize over time; simply use the tarnish remover cloth to keep it looking new.
- Keep your jewelry away from moisture when you are not wearing it. 
- We recommend that you store your piece in an airtight plastic bag to prevent tarnishing.
- Apply makeup and perfume before putting on your jewelry. The chemicals will damage sensitive gemstones and tarnish metals like silver or plated jewelry.
- Remove jewelry when cleaning. Ammonia, detergents and other household chemicals will damage jewelry.
- Do not shower with your jewelry on for the same reasons as the above point. In addition to damage from chemicals any jewelry which falls off (soap will loosen rings) you will lose your jewelry to the plug hole.
- Do not swim at the beach or swimming pool with jewelry on. Chlorine and salt will damage your gemstones and metals.
- Gold and silver are soft metals and will bend easily. Avoid doing anything strenuous with gold and silver jewelry on.