We NOW offer most all of our designs as Bracelets, which means the Bellabeat Leaf is NOT required to wear our jewelry. 
Pictures shown with the various Leaf is for representation only and is not limited to Leaf shown.
Please take a moment to accurately measure your wrist before ordering. It's best to get the size correct the first time. We will charge a resizing fee of $15 that includes shipping both ways. Resizing means remaking the piece. 
Please use a thin string or floss to wrap around your wrist. Butt the ends up precisely then cut or mark the string with no gap, overlap or slack. Every 1/8th of an inch off can result in a poor fit. Then place it on a ruler for your precise measurement. A thin (1cm) soft cloth measuring tape works too. A thick soft tape is not recommended
***When ordering please order according to your wrist circumference and NOT the final product.
If you need additional help finding your wrist circumference watch this easy to follow video below, of course, if you have questions please contact us.