What is a Bellabeat Leaf?

   The Bellabeat Leaf is a fitness tracker that is also smart jewelry. It comes is three variations

Leaf Nature              Leaf Urban          Love Chakra          Power Chakra 

   The Bellabeat Leaf is capable of tracking everything from daily steps, activity, sleeping habits, monthly cycle, pregnancy, stress levels and even water intake. All of this is accomplished through the Bellabeat App available on iOS and Android. 

   Within the app you sync up the Leaf and it will tell you how well you slept, how many steps and even help you take time for you with the meditation feature.

   I LOVE everything that this beautiful little smart piece of jewelry offers and after 3 years I still wear mine every.single.day. 

Check out more information and to order yours today head over to Bellabeat

Much love, Jen xx

***This is not an affilate post, I am not being paid by Bellabeat and I make no commission from the sales at Bellabeat. I just love their product and stand behind what they do and offer, and think you should know about it too.***